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Dyslexia Resources


Dyslexia Resources






Arkansas Department of Education:

  • Arkansas Dyslexia Resource Guide  Click here

  • Dyslexia Webpage Click here

  • Special Education Assessment and Curriculum Resources (contains many resources for students with dyslexia) Click here


Arkansas’ Dyslexia Law  On July 15, 2016, the Arkansas State Board of Education gave final approval to the Arkansas Department of Education Rules Governing How to Meet the Needs of Children with Dyslexia.  These rules were effective October 3, 2016.  To access a copy of the rules, click here.


Arkansas Senate Bill 708 of 2017 “Dyslexia Screening and Intervention, Reporting by Districts” Click here


Level 1 Screener Options:

       Elementary Level Screeners Click here 

      Middle and Secondary Level Screeners  Click here  


2017/18 SCSC Dyslexia Update Zoom Meetings

(1) Sept. 1, 2017  “Initial and Level 1 Screening”

 –  Presentation PDF 1 Click here

 –  Zoom Recording 1  Click here  {Note:  The upcoming date for Level II Screener Administration training was incorrectly reported on the Zoom recording. The actual date for Level II Screener Administration training will be on 9/29/17 at SCSC, 8:30-2:30.}

(2) Sept. 8, 2017   “Reporting by Districts, Fidelity of Interventions, and Progress Monitoring” 

 – Presentation PDF 2  Click here  

 – Zoom Recording 2  Click here 

(3) Sept. 15, 2017  “Level II Screeners...what are they and who needs to be screened?” 

 – Presentation PDF 3  Click here   

– Zoom Recording 3  Click here  

– Level 2 Handouts  Click here  


For additional information or questions contact:  

Deborah Curry, SCSC Dyslexia Specialist at 870-836-1621 or