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Library Resource Links

 Library Resource Links

*Library of Congress Online
*Libraries Online
*Library Spot
*Smithsonian Institution Home Page

*Digital Librarian
*Arkansas State Library



Reference Material

*Internet Public Library
*Gateway to Library Catalogs
*A to Z: Atlapedia Online
*CIA World Factbook
*Flags of All Countries

*U.S. Bureau of Census
*U.S. Senate
*POPClock Projection

*U.S. House of Representatives
*Biographical Dictionary
*Thomas, Legislative Information
*Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
*CapWeb, a Guide to U.S. Congress *Thomas, Legislative Information *Bartlett's Familiar Quotations 

Bibliographic Citation

*American Psychological Association Style

*Carla's Guide to Citation Style Manuals



Children's Literature and Author Resources

* Children's Literature Resources for Teachers 
* Library Links
* Children's Literature Web Guide  
*Authors & Illustrators
* Vandergrift's Children's Literature Page
* Learning About the Author and Illustrators Pages * Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
* Kid's Storytelling Club

Young Adult Resources

* Banned Books Online * SparkNotes Online study Guides

Library Skills Lessons

* Lessons from the Library
* Wacky Web Tales
* Sixth Grade Library Curriculum
* Keeley Library Assignment and Curriculum Resources Page

Professional Resources

* Censorship Pages
* School Librarian Web Pages

* School Libraries on the Web: A Directory
* Awesome Library
* Online Books Page
* I Saw it on TV

* Links for Librarians
* Media Link, Daily Newspapers World Wide
* Outta Ray's Head
* Literature Hotlist
* Librarian's Yellow Pages
* Library Journal Digital
* Booktalks-Quick and Simple
* Librarian's Index to the Internet
* American Library Association
* Library Spot
* AAIM (Arkansas Association of Instructional Media)  

Copyright Resources

* Copyright Clearance Center
* Copyright and Fair Use

* U.S Copyright Office
* World Intellectual Property Organization