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Perkins Performance

2015-16 Performance and Local Targets South Central Arkansas Perkins Consortium




Perkins Definitions

Participant: a student enrolled in 1 credit or more, used for the Nontraditional Participation measure.

Concentrator: a student enrolled in three units within a program of study, used for the Literacy, Geometry, Completion, Graduation and Technical Attainment measures.

Completer: a student who completes a program of study and graduates, used for the Placement and Nontraditional Completion measures.

Academic Attainment Literacy: number of CTE concentrators who have met the proficient/advanced level on the Statewide high school reading/language arts assessment.

Academic Attainment Geometry: number of CTE concentrators who have met the proficient/advanced level on the Statewide high school mathematics assessment.

Technical Attainment: number of CTE concentrators who were proficient on assessments taken within the program of study.

High School Completion: number of CTE concentrators that graduate plus the number of CTE Concentrators that receive a GED during the reporting year. 

High School Graduation: number of CTE concentrators who, in the reporting year, were included as graduated in the Sate's computation of its graduation rate.

Placement: number of CTE concentrators who successfully completed the program of study and graduated from high school and who were employed, enrolled in post-secondary, or in the military six months following graduation.

Nontraditional Participation: number of nontraditional gender students enrolled in one or more units within a program of study that is nontraditional for their gender during the reporting year. 

 Nontraditional Completion: number of nontraditional gender concentrators who successfully complete programs of study designated nontraditional and graduate from high school during the reporting year.