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Early Childhood


Early Childhood Services

The goal of the Early Childhood Department is to identify, locate, and provide services to children ages 3-5 in our co-op    area.  Children may qualify for services under IDEA or the  Arkansas Better Chance/Arkansas Better Chance for School Success programs.

The Early Childhood Department of South Central Co-Op is comprised of two divisions:

Arkansas Better Chance pre-school classrooms funded by the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Classrooms are located in Ouachita, Calhoun, Union and Columbia counties.
  • A child is eligible if he/she is age 3 through 5 and meets requirements either by income or has a developmental delay.
  • Instruction is delivered in five day a week, full day programs.
  • Options and services will be discussed that best fit the need of your child.

Special Education:

Early Childhood special education services are individually planned to prepare a child for future school success.  Services are provided in a variety of childcare settings including ABC Preschools, Head Start Classrooms, Private Daycare/Preschools, etc. Children receive services in the areas in which they show a need.

Available Services:

  • Hearing Screening
  • Vision Screening
  • Speech/Language Screening
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Developmental Instruction in reasoning/thinking skills, large and small muscle skills, self help skills, social skills and language skills.