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SCSC Print Shop

SCSC Print Shop


The Print Shop offers a variety of resources to the public and teachers in our service area. The Print Shop has employees to assist you with any project. Ellison dies allow users to create cut-out figures of everything from apples to pilgrims to zoo cars. Block letters in many styles and sizes can be cut to create bulletin boards and posters. These dies quickly allow users to cut many different shapes or many of the same shapes in multiple colors. 


The Print Shop also has other equipment useful to teachers and the public, such as a laminating machine so ideas can be reused for years to come. We have a plotter printer that will print banners and posters of different sizes and on different types of paper. Other equipment in the Print Shop includes: bookbinders, copier, color printer, an electric hole-punch, paper cutters, and vinyl cutter.


We have a large inventory of materials available for purchase located inside the Print Shop. Some of these includes: art roll paper and construction paper in several colors, binding combs, book pockets, file folders, index paper, lamination, popsicle sticks, poster board, foam sheets, transparency copies, seasonal craft materials, etc. The Print Shop also provides tables and basic craft supplies to help you complete your project.


The Print Shop realizes how busy teachers are so we have several pre-made products to purchase and some that can be personalized. Teachers are also able to rent Ellison dies for a one-week period or purchase craft materials through the Print Shop.  Orders are subject to staff availability and completed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Click HERE for our current price sheet. Prices are subject to change.


Die Cut List


Please call for more information on how the Print Shop can help you!

Phone: (870) 836-1627 

The South Central Service Cooperative is located at

2235 California Ave SW in Camden, Arkansas.

The Print Shop is open from 8:00 - 4:30 Monday through Friday.







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