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Kaitlyn Seymour

Speech Language Pathology Assistant

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Educational History:


I graduated from Norphlet High School in 2008.

I graduated college from Louisiana Tech University in 2012.

Degrees and Certifications:

I earned my Bachelors of Arts in Pre Speech Language Pathology. I do not have a Masters in this field therefore  Amanda Bonsall is my supervising Speech Language Pathologist. This will be my fifth year working with Amanda at the South Central Service Cooperative. 

Professional Development:

Since working at this job I have attended at least 10 hours of professional development each year. These conferences and workshops have covered multiple subjects that were beneficial for my field. 

Current Position:

I started with the South Central Service Cooperative in 2013. I have been the Speech Language Pathology Assistant for preschools in Union County for almost 5 years. I help teach speech and language to children who are developmentally delayed. This entails developmentally appropriate sounds and how to correctly respond to developmentally approriate questions. 

Previous Position:

After college graduation, I stayed to get a minor in Family Child Studies. Then the South Central Service Cooperative decided they wanted to hire Speech Assistants. Getting this job was my first teaching experience, besides working for afterschool daycare while getting my degree. For the first year, Amanda had to teach me how to do therapy. It was required by the State that she supervised me a certain amount. It was a great learning experience! We are still required by the State to have direct supervision and indirect supervision for Speech Assistants. 

Family Information:

I am a single mom to a wonderful 3 year old boy. We have recently added two pets to our home.

Personal Information:

When I am not teaching children, I enjoy spending time with my own. We love being outdoors and exploring the God’s beautiful creation. We recently went to the Ozarks and had an amazing time there. 

I also enjoy hanging out with my church family. Spending time with them and in the word is one of my biggest hobbies.