Mrs. Wendy

South Central Service Cooperative prayers are with the family and friends of Wendy Tyson. Mrs. Wendy worked with our early childhood program for 23 years as a paraprofessional in the Camden Fairview and Harmony Grove school districts.

Mrs. Wendy loved “her kids” and her students and their families will remember her kindness and generosity. She served her schools, SCSC, and community with pride. It is an honor and privilege to be able to call her co-worker and friend.

Mrs. Wendy was a part of our family, and her fun-loving spirit will be greatly missed by all of us.

South Central Service Cooperative, is partnering with an advisory company, ISLoan Solutions, to educate you and provide options, including loan forgiveness and refinancing, that may help lower, or even eliminate, your payment. All with student loans are encouraged to find out if this voluntary benefit can help you. Join your colleagues who have reduced monthly payments by 84% (avg), and expect $127,500 in projected tax-free loan forgiveness.  Say goodbye to STUDENT LOANS!!!

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Professional Development Needs Survey

All staff including Central Office staff should complete this survey by December 15, 2017.

Each year our cooperative sends out a survey to determine the professional development needs of the educators in our region.  This information is EXTREMELY important to us as we plan sessions for the coming months.  There are a few changes that I would like to point out before you begin the survey.  

  1. "Not needed" has been added as an option for every question that requires a response.  Please consider this question as you take this survey:  What sessions do you plan to attend if they are offered?  Please mark those topics.
  2. For questions regarding TESS or LEADS, please mark the components that are tagged in your PGP or those that are the focus of many of your staff members if you are an administrator.
  3. Technology questions do not require a response.  However, please mark topics of sessions you would attend.  
  4. Please provide additional training topics if those you would attend are not listed.  Also, having names of great presenters and their contact information is especially appreciated.


Survey Link

"Arkansas is the first state ever to deploy Learning Blade with a computer coding aspect. "


Are You Utilizing Learning Blade? 

Learning Blade is a statewide initiative to increase access for computer science and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers in every middle school. Grade levels involved are determined locally.  This is a supplemental, game-based online STEM career awareness system and is not intended to be used as an intervention curriculum.

Learning Blade challenges students to take on game-based projects that expose them to different aspects of STEM careers.  Arkansas is the second state to implement Learning Blade statewide and, at the Governor's request, Arkansas is the first state ever to deploy Learning Blade with a computer coding aspect.  Students who have participated in the pilot expressed their "enjoyment" of the missions.

If you can't recall your school login, not to worry, email to request your school login. Include your school name and state in the subject line.

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South Central Service Cooperative is committed to empowering our schools and communities to meet their educational goals by striving toward strong academics, innovative strategies, and knowledge of skills necessary to impact effective citizenship and economic productivity.

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