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Since 1985, Kelly Gallagher has devoted himself to the teaching of reading, writing, listening and speaking—first and foremost, as a high school ELA teacher in Anaheim, California, and also as a author/consultant who works with educators around the world. Today, he is considered one of the leading voices in literacy education. Kelly will share his strategies and practices to encourage students to write. If writing is a part of your content area, you will want to attend this workshop!

South Central is pleased to announce our partnership with Citelighter (  


Citelighter is the most comprehensive and fastest growing digital writing suite in K-12 education. Citelighter provides teachers with 1000+ standards aligned adaptable writing templates and corresponding scoring rubrics. Our flexible scaffolding and Lexile-level content unpacks the complicated writing process into manageable steps for student success. 


If you are wondering if there is a need to target writing in your schools, here are some focus questions:

  • Do your students have problems citing evidence from text?
  • Do your students have problems comparing readings?
  • Do your students have problems completing [complex] sentences?
  • Do your students have problems organizing their thoughts?
  •  Do you have struggling learners that need additional support in writing?
  • Would your teachers/instructors benefit from writing templates, rubrics, sample videos and lessons?


​If you have questions, would like a product demonstration or free pilot, please contact the Citelighter team; they are more than happy to schedule a conversation with you.

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Andrew J. Cary


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